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Tattoo Aftercare

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Traditional Ointment Heal Process

Remove bandage after one (1) hour; wash with warm water and gentle soap. Do not use a wash cloth, just use your bare, clean hands. A wash cloth is too rough. Rub a thin layer of Aquaphor into the skin a minimum of three (3) times a day until your tattoo starts to peel and flake. Moisturize with lotion the following week. Try not to wear any clothing that will irritate the tattoo while healing. Pay attention to hems on sleeves or pant/short legs as-well as bra straps.

Absolutely NO SOAKING, SUN TANNING, OR SWIMMING for at least two (2) weeks. Showers are fine, just nothing where you are soaking your new tattoo.

It's my job to give you a great tattoo, but it is YOUR job to properly care for the tattoo afterward.

*Optional if given instructions. Wrap your tattoo up at night for the next 3 nights only while you sleep. Remove first thing in the morning when you wake up. Wrapping it up will cause the bodily fluids to heal your tattoo faster, rather than turn into dried up crusty scab. It promotes faster healing especially. It acts as a barrier to foreign debris in ones bed, so no more animal hair sticking to you. As well as, protect everything else from your tattoo, your tattoo press against fabric for long periods of time will cause it to stain and stick to your skin. After the 3rd day your tattoo should be safe to sleep uncovered.

~Recovery Derm Shield or Equivalent~

First 3-7 days of your healing process

Derm Shield acts as a safe and hygienic barrier between your new tattoo and the world around you. Originally designed as a burn bandage, used by doctors. It provides the safest and cleanest environment for your tattoo to start it’s healing, and reduces the chance of scabbing and infection significantly. When the steps below have been followed correctly I have only ever had good healing results.

The Derm Shield I applied should be removed between 3 and 7 days after the procedure. There is usually plasma and ink build up in the Derm Shield, this is great and normal, it provides a fantastic environment for healing. I know it can look off-putting, but it’s good for healing and the liquid will usually reabsorb into your skin. If the Derm shield comes off on its own or if it starts to leak please remove it right away, following the instructions below.

If the skin surrounding the tattoo is overly red, looks infected or is very sore to the touch, remove the Derm Shield right away, following the steps below and see your doctor asap; this rarely happens and would probably be due to an allergic reactions to the adhesive used in the dermshield.

If at this stage in your healing process you have any questions, please contact me.

Removing your Derm Shield

Prior to removing the Derm Shield, ensure that the sink, your hands and the surrounding area are clean, sanitary and free of debris. Have ready:

Clean paper towel, unscented plain soap and unscented moisturizer, Next peel an edge of the Derm Shield and slowly peel it back using warm soapy water to encourage it to come off smoothly. It is vital that you ensure your hands and the area surrounding the tattoo are clean. Please be careful, your new art is forever and caring for it in the first few weeks will allow it to heal well and extend its life.

Once it is off completely, discard it and clean your tattoo thoroughly; making sure to rinse the soap off with clean water until your skin and the tattoo are completely free of suds. Now pat dry the tattoo and surrounding area with your paper towel, don’t not scrub or use anything other than clean paper towel.

If you’re still unsure on this procedure you can google “Saniderm removal”, there are plenty of videos and webpages illustrating how it’s done, safely and correctly.

Post Derm Shield:

Depending on your tattoo and your body’s healing process it may seem almost healed at this point. However, it will need more care and attention to heal as beautifully as possible. For the next couple of weeks please keep the tattoo clean and well moisturized. Please keep the tattoo out of direct sun light for as long as you can.

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