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Tattoo Pre Care

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Staying hydrated is important for successful tattooing. Drink plenty of water prior to your appointment. I will have water available at the studio. Also don't deny your body a good nights rest the night before your appointment, your body will thank you in the future. And ultimately don't come in on an empty stomach, eat a good meal before. Please consider a good shower, I understand some have dirty jobs. Helps to maintain a clean work environment. And lastly please wear clothing appropriate for the location. For example no skin tight skinnies on a leg tattoo. Wear sweats.

Proper care is taken to sanitize all workstations and equipment before and after every tattoo session. Safety and cleanliness are of utmost importance for me and my clients. Special care is give to ensure a sanitary environment is maintained at all times.

Following the tattoo session, you will be advised on how to care for your new tattoo to ensure proper healing. Aftercare products are available for sale to ease the healing process and preserve the quality of the artwork provided.

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