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II Tier Tattoo Service

Booking Fee

  • 210 US dollars
  • Studio 206

Service Description

LARGE TATTOO (up to 6 hours) $600-$900 Examples 6 hour sessions are reserved for returning clients working on large pieces, out of town clients needing to complete a medium/large sized tattoo in one session, or any client starting a new large tattoo. Please note that many large tattoos such as sleeves and back pieces will require many long sessions to complete (on average anywhere from 20-50 hours). This service is best suited for clients after large scale tattoos that require more time than my standard tattoo service. In essence your booking the day with me so I can focus solely on your tattoo and not others. Examples for this service: Sleeve Work ( Half Sleeve, Full Sleeve) Back Pieces ( Full Back, Upper Torso, Ribcage) Chest Pieces ( Chest, Sternum) Thigh Pieces ( Top Thigh, Side, Hip, Buttocks) Custom Designs **any questions please contact me.

Booking Policies

Cancellation Policy: Canceled appointment forfeits the deposit. Please read my Policy Page for all my Business Policies. Find Links on Home Screen and Button withe the "!" Symbol. Thanks.

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