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Touch Up

  • Studio 206

Service Description

Please message me prior to booking, send photos. As our tattoos heal out sometimes we notice spots that could use some extra attention. As part of my tattoo guarantee. I offer (1) Free Touch Up* within the first (6) months of receiving the tattoo. If any future touch ups are required, I ask for a $50 setup for per touch up after the (1) Free Touch Up. If my bookings is full and you feel like you cant find an opening to get a touch up knocked out sooner rather than later just message me. * Free Touch Up. If you purposely neglect, disregard my aftercare instructions and do everything you are not supposed to do, I will not honor any guarantees. Like jumping in a seamen fill hot tub after your fresh tattoo, or jumping in fish shit infested lake, picking and pulling at flaking skin and scabs if you happen to scab up.

Booking Policies

Cancellation Policy: Canceled appointment forfeits the deposit. Please read my Policy Page for all my Business Policies. Find Links on Home Screen and Button withe the "!" Symbol. Thanks.

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